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Think about it: how much time you spend walking, when you’re on vacation? For most of the time we go for long walks to reach the various tourist attractions of the cities we visit. It is true that one of the most fun things is to walk aimlessly and losing in the streets, discovering new places and maybe not marked on the tourist guides. But today I want to tell an alternative equally enjoyable. Would you like to discover the most important places of Barcelona from the comfort of an open top bus, enjoying a beautiful sunny day? I’m talking about the bus tour of Barcelona: open to all, is designed to give you the opportunity to experience the city, and easily discover the most peculiar places. Companies that offer this service are 2:

>> Barcelona City Tour <<
(red bus)

>> Barcelona Bus Turistic <<
(blue bus)

Barcelona City Tours offers two different itineraries called East Route and West Route, while the trails made ​​by Barcelona Tourist Bus has three (red line, green line and blue line). Both companies will take up the most important sights of Barcelona, such as the Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, Las Ramblas or Montjuic, virtually from the hills to the sea. These buses are defined Hop on Hop off: one ticket you can hop on and off at will along the path chosen. After visiting the place of your interest, you just have to wait for the next bus, which will start in 10/20 minutes.

Casa Tortilla Barcelona Blog

Casa Tortilla Barcelona Blog

Casa Tortilla Barcelona Blog

Prices are 24 euros for a day of use and 31 euros for two days of use. Both companies have an online store where you can buy any ticket with a discount of 10%. I suggest you buy a ticket valid for two days, with the discount, costs about 27 euros. The tours last about two hours and the ticket includes headphones for audio-guide with 10/12 languages​​, a voucher with discount coupons and a map of the city.
If you ask me which of the two companies should choose, I personally do not know. It seems that provide the same services, and I think one or the other makes no difference, just remember that the ticket is valid only for that company. Be careful not to get on the wrong bus!

I’ll leave you some practical advice:
– always store your ticket, you will have to show it every time you get on the bus
– first complete a journey to discover new places, then choose where to stop
– the ticket is valid for two days is much more convenient
– when you buy a ticket remember to ask if you are entitled to a discount (children, over 60)
– the buses are almost always very crowded, try to avoid peak hours
– remember that the buses do not have the roof and inside no are many places, do not take it if it rains
– try to take advantage of coupons that will give you on the bus!

If you want more information to plan your trip, write to

Barcelona City Tour
Where to buy tickets: Bus – Hotels – Travel agents – Customer service office (Ronda Universitat, 5) – On bus
>> Online Store with 10% discount <<

Barcelona Bus Turístic
Where to buy tickets: Bus – Hotel – Tourist information – TMB (Barcelona Metropolitan Transport)
>> Online Store with 10% discount <<

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