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Since 2011, the city of Barcelona is one of the largest public WiFi networks in Spain and Europe. In the last 3 years the city council has invested in this ambitious project, beginning to equip all public open spaces of a free WiFi connection. There are now officially more than 400 Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the […]

Think about it: how much time you spend walking, when you’re on vacation? For most of the time we go for long walks to reach the various tourist attractions of the cities we visit. It is true that one of the most fun things is to walk aimlessly and losing in the streets, discovering new […]

Barcelona is a beautiful city and we want to visit. But keep in mind that we have a serious problem, the crime, and tourists are their target.. To avoid becoming a target of lardos leave you some valuable tips: – Carry maps and travel guides discreetly and leave your passport, driving license and important documents […]