Spring: calçotada time

Barcelona, like every year is preparing for one of the typical culinary traditions: calçotada. In the period from February to April, which represents the end of winter and the arrival of spring, the Catalans meet with friends to eat together the calçots.

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Paella in Barcelona

It’s the definitive Spanish dish in a country where everything revolves around food. Although purists might disagree, it’s more representative of a fun and communal approach to food than it is to a specific recipe. Yet without a doubt, if there’s one concoction that you can’t visit Spain without tasting, it’s a hearty mix of rice, fish, and meat – paella.

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Skyline Barcelona

In this short video made by Pumba Productions, you can appreciate the beauty of Barcelona from an aerial shot, by the use of a small plane.

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Midnigth Barcelona

Barcelona is a source of inspiration for all kinds of artists, even at night. And it is this time that he wanted to portray and show director Pau Garcia. It has done so through a video through timelapse technique.

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Chocolatiers in Barcelona – Chök

Chocolate, donuts, crakanias, clouds of chocolate, macarons, cakes, churros, gourmet apples, chocolates of all types and pasta with an irresistible smell of chocolate!

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La Sagrada Familia in 3D

La Sagrada Família, the full name in Catalan “Expiatorio Sagrada Familia” (atonement of Sagrada Familia), is a Catholic basilica, still under construction, the masterpiece of architect Antoni Gaudi, leader of the Catalan Modernism.

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Mercè Festival 2013

Summer and its multitude of neighbourhood festivals are swiftly disappearing into the sunset. Fortunately, the end of summer brings Barcelona’s biggest yearly festival, La Mercè.

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Diada of Catalunya 2013

Every September 11 marks the National Day of Catalonia, a festival popularly known by the name of Diada.

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Your full guide to Barcelona’s beaches

Barcelona is one of the most diverse holiday destinations you can choose, mountains on one side, sea on the other, and everything else imaginable in-between.

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Festa Major de Gràcia 2013. Barcelona’s August carnival!

The Festa Major de Gràcia simply celebrates the neighbourhood and everyone who lives there. The spirit of the festival is to get everyone together and rejoice in being a part of the community and its traditions. And it has to be said, they do it in style!

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