La Sagrada Familia in timelapse

La Sagrada Familia, designed by architect Antoni Gaudí is one of the symbols of the city of Barcelona and Spain’s most visited monument in 2011. Its impressive size and high towers, despite showing unfinished work, attract thousands of tourists fascinated by the modernist architecture began in 1882.

Sagrada Famiia - Blog Casa Tortilla Barcelona

In April 2012, Luis Alberto Castaño and Caldevilla were invited by the Board of the Sagrada Família temple to record images through techniques “timelapse” and the plane of the image: the result is a spectacular facility dedicated to temple Antoni Gaudí. They took thousands pictures from various points of view of the city of Barcelona and especially this extraordinary cathedral. They also used a new instrument, a new built-in camera to a radio controlled mini helicopter.

Sagrada Familia - Blog Casa Tortilla Barcelona

For aerial images the directors have used a new type of drone or mikrokòptero, a mini helicopter with eight rotors to which was applied a camera. The result is truly amazing.

Here the video:
This is the official video for the Exhibition of 2012:

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