Midnigth Barcelona

Barcelona is a source of inspiration for all kinds of artists, even at night. And it is this time that he wanted to portray and show director Pau Garcia. It has done so through a video through timelapse technique.

Midnigth Barcelona - Casa Tortilla Barcelona Blog

Without doubt, the timelapse has become a very attractive way to make a travel video, and works especially well when it comes to cities. And if it is a city with the beauty of Barcelona, ​​the result is outstanding. This, in particular, shows that, at night, Barcelona also has a life …
Hundreds, perhaps thousands of pictures have been necessary to give movement and shape to this video. A work of great patience and creativity, of course, Pau Garcia has masterfully managed to develop. It has done so with the intention to portray and show the world the most modern and futuristic face Barcelona, ​​his incessant traffic flow and unstoppable pace of life.

This work of Pau Garcia called ‘Midnight Barcelona’. And provides over 6 minutes of mesmerizing video images thanks to the magic that has captured the author. More than six minutes to allow to see Barcelona from a different perspective, different, and that shows that this city is spectacular whichever way you look.

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